Dallas Author And Speaker Teaches Employees How To Improve Themselves And Their Workplaces With The Release Of ‘the Earning Advantage’


DALLAS, Texas, Oct 03, 2020 — Jill Young, author, speaker, and founder of TractionFirst releases a new book providing bosses a way to help their employees earn more. Most employees lack clarity about how their performance connects to the value they create for their company. “The Earning Advantage” (ISBN: 978-1647462758) is a unique resource for employees to earn more money while promoting their company’s growth.

EOS® Implementer Young works with business owners to help them grow their teams in productivity and earnings as well as in number.

Young says, “Attitude alone won’t get you paid more. You need great performance too! When both are combined, they produce present and future productivity!”

“The Earning Advantage” released worldwide in July and is available wherever books are sold.

Gino Wickman, author of the #1 bestseller, “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business” and creator of EOS® says, “’The Earning Advantage’ is ideal for helping people understand how to love their jobs, become invaluable, and make more money.”

“As a business owner, I want my employees to succeed! ‘The Earning Advantage’ gives them a roadmap to exponential success! It’s a tool to take the mystery out of how to be a great employee and how to make bosses love having you on the team,” says Ronald A. Pyke, CPA CFO, President of vbo Solutions.

Finally, Alex Freytag, Certified EOS Implementer, Author, Entrepreneur, Integrator at ProfitWorks LLC remarks, “The Earning Advantage gets to the essence of what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead. Jill’s writing style is fun and approachable and keeps the reader glued. Great bosses will hand these books out like candy!”

Young defines, “Money is a tool that can help you get what you want. It’s not the goal, it helps you meet your goals.” She designed the book so that a boss could hand it to an employee who just asked for a raise, make a plan to get together and talk about the raise in a synergistic way. She says the book does the heavy lifting for entrepreneurs by teaching their employees important values.

Find the book on Amazon, at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1647462754

About Author Jill Young:

Jill Young grew up in an entrepreneurial family, learning the advantages of having a clear vision and doing what you say you’ll do. Through the experience of her family’s struggles and successes in business, Jill has become the dynamic and approachable leader she is today. She has a BS in Psychology, an MBA, and has held leadership positions in a variety of fields. Before becoming a full-time EOS® Implementer in 2014, Jill was the president of a forward-thinking CPA firm, where she advised and guided clients using the EOS tools. Jill now implements EOS with over 80 companies and coaches entrepreneurs who are on a journey to become their best.



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