Voices.com Wins ‘Beyond Borders Award’ at 37th Annual Business Achievement Awards


LONDON, Ontario, Oct 03, 2020 — Voices.com, the world’s leading marketplace for voice over services, is thrilled to announce that it was awarded the Beyond Borders Award at last night’s Business Achievement Awards gala. Presented by the London Chamber of Commerce, this award recognizes the global initiatives of a local business that has expanded their business outside of Canada.

“It’s an honour to not only be recognized for our global network, but to also have been done so by a panel of our peers right here in London, Ontario,” says Voices.com founder and CEO David Ciccarelli. “This award win is a testament to the tireless work of our talented staff and to the immense talent pool on the Voices.com marketplace that make us the trusted source of voice over for brands around the world.”

Originally scheduled for March 2020, the Business Achievement Awards gala was an intimate event this year that was streamed live to ticket holders.

To be eligible for the Beyond Borders Award, a business must have been operating for at least two years, and have Canadian headquarters based in the London & surrounding area. The award is designed to celebrate the winner’s achievements and to share best practices to inspire other local companies to grow beyond borders.

For a full list of winners, see: https://www.londonchamber.com/news/details/news-release-9-24-2020

About the Business Achievement Awards

The London Chamber of Commerce has been recognizing and celebrating high achievement in London’s business community since 1984. Often called the “Academy Awards” of business achievement in London, the Chamber’s annual Business Achievement Awards gala showcases and celebrates some of the outstanding businesses in London. The Annual Business Achievement Awards is the largest business awards gala of its kind in Canada.

About Voices.com

Voices.com is the largest marketplace for audio and voice over products and services in the world, with over one million business and voice actor registered users. Since 2005, the biggest and most beloved brands have entrusted Voices.com to help them find their voice. Headquartered in London, Canada, Voices.com helps service clients and voice talent in over 160 countries.

Learn more at: https://www.voices.com/

News Source: Voices.com

IMAGE COURTSEY : Techalliance


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